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Welcome to Dr. Morteza Sadeghi

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Office : Department of Chemical Engineering Isfahan University of Technology Isfahan, Iran, Postal code: 84156-83111. Phone : +98 311 3915645 Fax : +98 311 3912677 Web Site : Dr. Morteza Sadeghi Research Fields :
  • Polymeric membranes in CO2 capture, Reverse Osmosis, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration
  • Study on Membrane Processes ; Membrane bioreactor process
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment by Advanced Membrane Technology
  • Preparation of membranes and bipolar plate of PEM Fuel Cell
  • Modeling flow behavior of polymer membranes
  • Composites and additives

تحت نظارت وف بومی